ASB Elections for Next School Year to be Held Virtually

A.S.B elections were held on April 20th, from 9am – 4pm. The elections will determine the ASB President, the ASB Treasurer, the ASB Vice President, and the Class President for each grade in high school. This year ASB elections were held virtually due to distance learning.

A.S.B stands for Associated Student Body and it represents the goals and interests of its students. The students in ASB plan and organize school events such as socials and spirit week. They can also have fundraisers to help support events such as the Snack Shack. The Snack Shack is a mini shop where students are able to buy snacks on school grounds.

Senior class president for this school year Kimberly Santiago states,“I think that one important quality that makes a good class president is taking initiative. So being able to step up and also come up with new ideas. One piece of advice that is really important is being willing to compromise and also knowing when to compromise. Things may not always be able to happen the way that you’d like or envisioned so it’s important to be able to be willing to alter plans.”

The class president’s job is to lead their class, be a good role model for other students, share their ideas for events, bring school spirit, and much more. Class and ASB presidents work with students to help resolve problems and find compromises.

“The main purpose of ASB for me is making school fun and enjoyable. School shouldn’t just be about work and grades there needs to be a balance and that’s what ASB tries to provide,” senior ASB president Zuadi Farah states,

“The thing I learned most about being ASB president is trusting my class to make decisions that I back. I always take people’s input. Two ideals that are helpful for presidents are being creative and confident.”

Preuss ASB makes social events and fundraisers. These social events are made to make students’ experiences at school better. There are socials created for middle schoolers, Homecoming for high schoolers, and spirit weeks for all grades. ASB has now adapted to a distance learning environment creating events like Identity Day and Serenity Day.

The class officers this year had to learn to take their responsibilities and navigate them through online learning. The new class officers will most likely take their new positions during in school learning in the Fall, making the Preuss community more enjoyable.