Return to Online School

Preuss students and staff will continue having online school until January 28th, expecting to return to in-person school on January 31st. Online school was originally supposed to be from January 3rd, and returning to in-person school on January 18th; but, it was decided by the UCSD Chancellor Khosla, that the Preuss school should remain online due to the increased number of positive COVID-19 cases.

“How I feel about having online school again is sad because I can’t see my friends in person and I’m excited to return to campus,” expressed Vincent Nguyen (‘27).

It’s not certain when Preuss students and staff will return to in-person school, but whether or not we return to in-person school January 31st, making sure we all stay as safe as possible is essential. So definitely continue to wear a mask, social distance, wash your hands often, and consider getting fully vaccinated (as well as getting the booster shot if eligible) if you haven’t gotten them already.