Basketball Season Approaches

The girls and boys basketball team is participating in their first full CIF season since 2020. The boys basketball team played their first game on Tuesday, November 30th. They were able to pull out a win, with a score of 47-36. Girls basketball played their first game on Saturday, November 20th. They lost this one, with a score of 34-25.
After much turmoil, the boys and girls look to be successful in this season. Following the pandemic and the loss of their coach, boys basketball looks forward to a better circumstance. The boys varsity and junior varsity teams acquired two new coaches, one varsity coach and one junior varsity coach. Coach Rasean represents the varsity basketball team, and Coach Stafford represents junior varsity. Coach Hootner returned as the girls basketball coach this season.

“Coach Stafford and myself are very excited to be here, and we look forward to a great season as tritons.”

Athletes work tirelessly to maintain a solid GPA and represent Preuss playing the sport they love. Covid-19 took that chance from them, but it is here now, with new conditions being added. Players will have to get tested once a week to play games without a mask, or wear a mask in games. Good luck to both basketball teams this season, Go Tritons.