Cross Country Team Takes On CIF and Girls Win League

Finishing off this year’s season, the Preuss Cross Country team competed in their final meet, the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) meet, on Saturday November 20, 2021 at Balboa Park. The team finished off league meets and on the first of November were notified that the girls won league.

“Although CIF can be nerve racking, I was excited to attend because it was our [cross country’s] last meet of the season. It also serves as an opportunity to bond with my teammates one last time before the season ends,” stated Alexia Melendez (‘22).

CIF is a competition that the Cross Country team prepares for throughout the season. In order to qualify for CIF members of the team must attend at least five meets throughout the season. The CIF course is one of the toughest every year because it is a course that consists of running up and down a steep hill and running on grass, dirt, and cement. Although it is a very difficult course the team was excited to compete with each other and cheer each other on as well.

League meets are the meets that count for the Cross Country team and in these they run three miles and compete against other schools who are trying to win league as well. Throughout the season there are five league meets and at least five girls and five guys must compete in order to qualify for league. There were always at least five girls from the team competing in league meets and they would give it their all which helped them win league.