ASB Announces Homecoming Themes

Our Associated Student Body (ASB) will be hosting homecoming for high school students on December 16th. This year’s homecoming theme is 4 Greek Gods and the sport that will be played during homecoming will be basketball.

“ASB chose this theme because we wanted a theme that we have not had before and we believe that it was something unique so we can separate grades in and see the school spirit in each grade,” said Rodolfo Castillo (‘22), a member of ASB.

Each high school grade level will represent a Greek God. Seniors will represent Zeus (God of the sky), wearing blue colors. Juniors will represent Aphrodite (Goddess of beauty), wearing shades of red (mainly pink). Sophomores will represent Apollo (God of archery), wearing gold. And finally, Freshmen will represent Athena (Goddess of wisdom), wearing green.

Wearing your grade level’s designated colors is encouraged because it illustrates school spirit but no need to worry if you don’t have anything to wear for your grade level’s designated colors, you won’t get kicked out of homecoming or anything (probably, anyways). High schoolers are encouraged to attend homecoming because it will be lots of fun to spend time with friends and the school community. However, be aware that there are limited buses available after homecoming to take students to their bus stops.