Seniors Feel Anxiety over Senior Portraits

The dates have been posted! From December 2nd to December 4th, Preuss Seniors are expected to take their professional senior yearbook pictures. Dressed in black, looking prim and proper, Seniors get ready to pose for the camera. But what is meant to be an exciting time brings a rather large amount of anxiety. A majority of Seniors feel they aren’t quite ready for their picture.

Senior Ileana Garcia (‘22) says, “I’m excited to get glammed up for the portrait but wish it was later on in the year so that I would have time to prepare more.”

Many Seniors were taken aback when the dates were finally announced. They had expected the portraits to be taken from December 8-10. Instead, the dates were moved up to December 2-4.

Adding on to Garcia’s feelings, an anonymous Senior adds, “It is stressful because there is a standard that has been set by older classes that we’re meant to look older and grown but we feel that we’re not there yet,” this anonymous senior also mentions, “There is no flexibility and there is a lot of pressure which causes us to be burnt out from being seniors because we just finished our applications. We’re just tired.”

Senior Alexia Melendez (22’) contrasts these negative feelings: “I don’t feel worried over senior portraits, I actually feel excited for them because I’m going to get all glammed up and have a chance to hang out with my friends afterwards. I didn’t think the dates were confusing. I was able to get a time slot on Saturday which I’m happy about.”

Whether you see senior portraits as a highlight or lowlight of senior year, they’re right on the horizon so get ready seniors!