Pokémon’s Faithful Remake

Pokémon’s Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl were released on November 19th. They are Pokémon’s second traditional games to come out on the Switch and the first traditional game reboot on the Switch.

ILCA, the company behind these video games, revealed that these games are faithful remakes of Pokémon’s classics, Diamond and Pearl. The remakes have very little Platinum game features, which was the updated version of Diamond and Pearl that was released in 2008. Some of these features include the postgame events known as the “Battle Frontier” and the “Distortion World.” ILCA has also announced additions to the game like “Ramanas Park”, that adds postgame content which allows the player to capture a majority of the legendary Pokémon from past video games in the franchise.

“Really good game, stays true to the originals, love em. I do wish it was more related to Platinum though,” notes Reymundo Cedillo (22).