Turkey Luncheon

To kick-off the Thanksgiving festivities, the San Diego Unified School District Food Services will be hosting the Second Annual Turkey Luncheon in the Amphitheater on Friday, November 19th.
Reymundo Cedillio(‘22) gave a speech during the first luncheon and shared, “I felt like I had to give the speech because I felt like no one really understood why we were having the luncheon. I also felt like it was a good opportunity to strengthen the Preuss community.”
In 2019, The Preuss School UC San Diego commenced the new Turkey Luncheon tradition. Mimicking Thanksgiving traditions during this time allows the Preuss family to bond with each other. Colonists and the Wampanoag celebrated the first Thanksgiving together without dispute. A treaty kept peace between the two up until King Philip’s War. The holiday became more established throughout history and as the U.S. was expanding, families were spreading out more. Because of this, Thanksgiving became known as a time for families to reunite and connect. This practice has been brought back to the Preuss community.