Preuss Festival of the Arts Broadcasted

Art is something that can express our feelings, and it’s fun. The Preuss School is having an art festival every day from 9am to 5pm until Friday, June 18th. Everyone is invited to go to Preuss on the art murals located throughout the school. Each was created by a Preuss student and represents their heritage and family.

“I think I might go paint something to be honest,” said Jose Tobada (‘23).

The Fine Arts department wanted to end this school year in a good and happy way. They have put a video together which features different art pieces from Preuss art classes. Liam Rodgriguez and Brian Ponce performed and were recorded by Art of Elan. Students can watch the video in the link below.

“I was nervous when performing,” said Liam Rodgriguez (‘23) who performed in Jazz June.

The Festival of Arts is something nice to end the school year. Many people have already gone to paint the murals, and many more students are planning to go.