San Diego Unified School District Seeking to Re-Open

San Diego Unified School District schools are planning to reopen and change from remote learning to on-campus on April 12. According to Richard Barrera, school board president, “The district has laid all the necessary groundwork to make a reopening by April 12.” Some requirements are that teachers have the opportunity to receive a full vaccination schedule and achieve maximum immunity before returning to campus. But as of right now not all schools are returning.

District teachers will be expected to continue teaching students online and in person potentially at the same time as the school year is coming close to an end.

The San Diego Unified School district sent surveys to parents asking if they would like their child back to campus for in-person instruction or continue online learning. Some public schools reopened this past Monday having students attend by their first letter of this last name. Students are divided into separate groups. They are also going to be determined based on grade level. Most Public schools returned the week of April 20 by the end of this year all students should be back on campus.