All Preuss Sports Canceled For Foreseeable Future

Preuss Sports Season canceled due To Covid-19

The Preuss School has canceled its sports season due to Covid-19. The official announcement occurred on March 13, 2021, during the athletics block.

“Not playing sports this year was depressing when I first got the news because it hit me hard and fast, we all still had hope that we were gonna play but coach ended up canceling our season so that sucks, what sucks the most about it is that we can see other teams play knowing we could be doing the same thing,” said Daniel Munoz (‘21), Varsity soccer player.

Instead of playing sports in real life the student athletes go on Zoom and work out every time they have JV or Varsity block.

“I want things to go back to normal. I miss being active,” added Kerri Villalba (‘23).

Students are hoping Covid-19 gets under control; that way they can go back to school and play their favorite sports. Maybe when schools reopen and everyone gets a vaccine sports will resume at The Preuss School.