Man Freezes Pants to Save Parking Space

On February 6th, a Chicago man, Adam Seltzer, tweeted numerous pictures of his pants freezing on the side of the road. He uses this unusual method to save his parking space from others looking for an open space to park.

According to Adam Selzer, he froze his pants by positioning them in an upright position and then poured water onto them. Due to the cold temperature, the water had turned to ice, stiffening the pants. This strange technique of freezing pants made an excellent tool for Seltzer to claim the space as his. In his Twitter account, he posted a picture of his frozen green pants, with the title reading, “And there they are: Green Pants With Nobody Inside Them.”

During his interview on Inside Edition, Seltzer explained the steps in making these frozen pants. He said, “Just a splash of water in this frigid air, pick a day when it’s really really cold, and get a pair of pants wet in the bathtub and set them outside for about 20 minutes, you can mold it into shape, and after 20 minutes, they should be frozen solid and ready to set up.”

He also stated in his interview that the freezing of pants is also part of his fun experiment. He said that it’s something that he likes to do and putting these things outside tends to have a good reaction from people.

“I had people leaning off of their porches to tell me how funny it was,” Seltzer said in his interview on Inside Edition. “They thought it was and then when I put it on social media, it just kind of snowballed.”

Selzer’s ideas about frozen pants were not just to save his parking space, but also made a good meme on social media. People were now trying this weird method of freezing clothes into the cold weather and calling it art.

“It’s not bad. It’s a movement,” Seltzer claimed. He said that this is bringing back the “ancient art of pant lore” and “bringing it to the people”. He wanted to express a sense of humor in his art because he wanted people to know that anything can be art.

In the end, Seltzer had accomplished one goal: to make everyone happy and inspire people to not only make frozen pants as their tools but to find their way to making things work for themselves.