Marvel’s WandaVision Exceeds Expectations

The show WandaVision captures the great essence of Marvel movies. It is an amazing show. The show can be watched on Disney +, and will conclude on March 5th with its ninth episode. It starts off as a sitcom, but over time contains mystery and Science fiction elements.

Wanda Vision is about Wanda and her husband Vision, living a life controlled by Wanda, but Vision doesn’t know. There are characters trying to help Wanda stop the controlled life which are Captain Rambeau, Jimmy Woo, and Kat. However, there are also characters against Wanda.

Elizabeth Olsen plays – Wanda Maximoff as she does in past Marvel movies such as Age of Ultron, Captain America Civil War, and more. She had changed her voice to fill some of the episodes, which is why she was a perfect choice. Paul Bettany is Vision, -a role he has played before and done well. Teyonah Parris is Monica/Captain Rambeau and this isn’t her character’s first introduction to Marvel but this is Teyonah’s first time portraying Monica.

The plot for Wanda Vision shows many surprises and will leave you shocked. To be able to understand the show you should watch Infinity war and Endgame. You would be able to understand mostly from those two movies but watching Age of Ultron will help the understanding more.Two more episodes will air before the end of season one. T. No release date or confirmation is set for season two yet.

Wanda Vision is rated TV-14, and it does earn this rating. Some scenes show violence and action. For example, when Wanda shows using her powers against Monica Rambeau. However,the first two episodes of Wanda Vision are very kid-friendly. The violence can include using weapons, unneeded force of power. This is not a show for young children. I would recommend this for people 11+. It does not contain much horror, and includes a light hearted tone to offset anything creepy.

Wanda Vision is an amazing show that brings suspense that many can enjoy. The acting is excellent, and the film is perfectly rated. Wanda Vision is an amazing show, where I hope many of the characters will gain development. I say this due to the stubbornness shown in many of the characters. I highly recommend this show.