Soul by Pixar Helps People Realize their “Spark”

Soul is a heartwarming and stirring film. The film centers around a life after death experience. Soul’s plot is about a man named Joe with a huge passion for music. On his way to a huge gig that could change his life, he falls into a pothole and ends up in a state of near death, where he sees his soul going up to the “Great Beyond.” He tries to escape death by running the other way, and on his journey to try to get back to earth, meets one soul named 22, and many others. He then seeks to reunite his soul and body after they get separated. 22 goes and learns her “spark” along the way of helping Joe. The movie helps us realize how life does not always go as planned but it is still something we should be grateful for.

The voice performances were truly incredible with Jamie Fox playing Joe. The movie felt like watching a non animated movie. Tina Fey did an amazing job voicing 22. The whole cast was great at playing their roles.

Soul’s plot follows the characters as they face many problems, and also comes with many surprises. The movie is 1 hour and 40 minutes long.The length is not too long nor too short. The time allows everything to not feel rushed.

Soul is rated PG, and it does earn that rating.There are a few scenes some might find scary, such as seeing moping dark souls. The movie might be more fond of children because of the animation. The age rating I’d give for this movie is 7 and up. I gave it this rating because it was made for kids.

Overall, Soul is an exceptional movie that all ages will enjoy. Soul is a family movie.The voice acting is excellent, the animation is great as well. The plots are surprising and not boring. I highly recommend Soul.