Joe Biden’s First 100 Days

Living in America today feeling uncertain and at risk is normal. During a pandemic, our leaders have failed to keep our environment a safe place. Newly elected president Joe Biden acknowledges our grief and has committed himself to forge a new path, a path which would lead us to a safe and united America.

In Biden’s commitment, he plans to use his first 100 days to renovate a broken down country. He targets key issues such as social division, climate change, and the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic. Biden has made climate change a crucial topic, planning to take this on with full force by rejoining a seat in the Paris Climate agreement, solidifying the trillion dollar “zero carbon in 2021” strategy, according to CNBC. Joe Biden calls climate change “the number one issue facing humanity.”

Furthermore In his 100 days, Biden plans to put “Made in America” in full motion. This proposal is a strategy to effectively resolve the economic issue that is occurring because of the pandemic. This plan includes opening 5 million new jobs for the people of America, and also included a Covid-19 relief fund to relieve citizens of the financial burden the virus has put on them.

Accordingly, Biden plans to fix a problem which has been attacking the black community which is racial discrimination and injustice. Biden has set a goal to work with organizations that support black lives such as the black lives matter group. Additionally Biden will push to assist the 11 million immigrants who are living in the US illegally, planning to eventually make it easier for these immigrants to gain a U.S citizenship.

Joe Biden’s agenda is one costing more than 3 trillion dollars, but more than ever this is what America needs which is a positive renovation and Biden’s aspiration is to “help the economy grow” as Market Watch states.