Spotlight on Coach Fulchiron

Spotlight on Coach Fulchiron

Coach Fulchiron is the athletic director at Preuss and he teaches Physical Education to both middle schoolers and high schoolers. He is responsible for all the athletes, coaches, and schedules at Preuss. This is a big job because there are six sports: cross country, volleyball, soccer, basketball, lacrosse, and cheer. The sports seasons are different this year because of the pandemic.

Coach stated, “This school year, Preuss has decided to cancel the cross country and volleyball seasons over safety concerns with COVID 19. Soccer is scheduled to begin in late February and Basketball and Lacrosse are scheduled to begin in early March.”

There are still questions about where the sports will take place. Coach shared that, “This is an on-going concern for Preuss Athletics. Facilities may be a large factor in determining if we play sports at all this school year.”

When asked about practices, Coach said, There is no guidance on practice put out by the California Department of Health. Unfortunately, Preuss cannot take advantage of the ability to train because we are 100% remote. Preuss will need to find a way to be back on campus before practice can begin.”

Keeping everyone involved in sports safe is the biggest priority.

Coach Fulchiron commented that, “Indoor sports will be the hardest to keep student-athletes, spectators, coaches, and referees safe. At this point, I don’t have answers on how this might work. Outdoor sports have a better chance of competing this year, but there will still be a need for symptom checks, sanitizing of equipment, and COVID testing when needed. Preuss has a long up-hill climb to bring sports back this school year. If the opportunity presents itself, and we can play, we will be prepared.”

Coach Fulchiron is a busy man, keeping all the athletes healthy and safe; however his job is even more important now as we run through the pandemic.