Clouds Offers a Heartwarming Story for the Holidays

Clouds is a heartwarming movie available on Disney+. The movie captures the essence of the genre musical theatre and drama. The main character, Zach Sobiech, is dealing with cancer for a second time; he wants to live his life before he can’t anymore. Zach’s best friend Sammy Brown is a singer/songwriter. Zach wanted to make music before he died and made it with Sammy. Along his way he finds love with a girl named Amy and tries to live as if the cancer hasn’t affected him.

The movie stars Fin Argus, who plays the character Zach Sobieich. Argus has only acted in a few movies, but he should play in more. His acting in Clouds felt very realistic;it felt like he brings Zach’s character back from the book. Sabrina Carpenter played Sammy Brown very well. She seemed to be truly best friends with Zach and her voice was perfect for the role. Madison Iseman’s playing as “Amy Adelide’s” performance was amazing. She was the perfect match to play as Zachs loved one.

Clouds is a PG-13 movie and It does deserve that rating. The movie depicts the seriousness of cancer that might be sensitive for some viewers. It rarely has any explicit words in the movie, but it does show a few kiss scenes. Clouds doesn’t show scary scenes. An appropriate age for this movie would be 10 and up. I wouldn’t recommend it for a young audience because of the anxiety it can cause throughout scenes.

Overall, Clouds is a more than exceptional movie with a great message. It shows a heartwarming story with a great amount of drama. The unexpected events add on to the suspense. I recommend placing this movie on your list of movies to watch over winter break.