Bookmobile Offers Students More than Just Books

The Preuss School library is offering a service that allows students to acquire the supplies they need for classes as well as clubs. The bookmobile set out to different libraries located near the students. From Monday to Thursday the bookmobile makes its stops at the following locations: Balboa Public Library Parking lot, City Heights Public Library Parking lot, Linda Vista Public Library Parking lot, and the Malcolm X Public Library Parking lot

The bookmobile makes it possible for students to get reading material that they may not otherwise have access to. Many public libraries are closed due to the pandemic and the bookmobile allows students to still be able to enjoy physical copies of books while staying safe. However, the bookmobile does more than just pass out books.

“Thanks to the bookmobile I was able to get reading books for my English class as well as just for me,” said Briseida Aparicio(‘22).

The bookmobile not only gives Preuss students access to reading books and textbooks, but also allows teachers and club leaders to give out supplies needed for their activities. The bookmobile makes it possible for our Preuss community to keep our clubs active. It also allows students to stay connected with their teachers.

“The bookmobile made it possible for me to get supplies for my club celebration. We had a day of the dead activity and I was able to get my face paint and hat from Mrs. Alcantar,” stated Eric Hernandez (‘22).

The bookmobile makes it possible for students and teachers to interact in a safe way and this can be very comforting in a time of so much isolation. Advisory teachers can reach out to their students and provide them with as much support as they can through the bookmobile.

“Mrs. Alcantar, my advisory teacher, was able to give us goody bags for Halloween because of the bookmobile,” said Kevin Flores (‘22).

The bookmobile is a practical way to provide supplies as well as a way for teachers and students to stay connected, this can be comforting for many students.

“Knowing that even though I can’t see my friends at school or my teachers, I can still in a way interact as well as still have access to supplies makes me feel better about remote learning,” remarked Yahir Solano. (‘22).

For more information, students can access the bookmobile flyer on the llibrary page of the Preuss website.