Seniors Adapt to an Online Senior Year

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the students of the Preuss School have started out the 2020-2021 school year in front of a computer screen for 6+ hours a day, making it necessary for students to adapt to a new way of learning in order to succeed in their senior year of high school.

In contrast to how excited the students were about the estimated two week quarantine last Spring, the seniors, who started their final year of high school in August, have become overwhelmed with the loss of motivation from working at home. Students begin to notice the difference between in person and at home schooling, as well as how it can be more difficult than they anticipated,

“I definitely feel unmotivated during these times because my bed is just a couple feet away from me in the room,” says senior, Linda Nguyen (‘21).

“Doing school at home is kind of stressful in the sense that my house is pretty loud, and I sometimes have to present during my classes. So yes, it is different because it’s easy to lose motivation while you’re at home and you’re not surrounded by your friends and teachers to encourage you.” she continues.

With college applications due these coming months, the class of 2021 is using the changes presented to them in their favor. Shorter school days, earlier tutoring times, and even work periods are helping students to have more work time. With everything happening, deadlines seem to be a way for seniors to keep track of their workload. In comparison to past school years, students are finding their own ways to cope with this change.

Mariel Castro (‘21) says, “I like to use the extra time we get after school for both self care, to keep me motivated during these dark times, and to get my homework done. It is essential for each of us to practice self care in order to keep yourself happy, healthy, and motivated.”

This COVID Era has become a new normal for people, wearing face masks, zoom classes, and social distancing, and more importantly having to stay at home. There has been talk about the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) moving onto the next phase of returning back to school for the Spring semester. Senior students have their own concerns about going back to school so soon.

“With COVID at a rise, I would not feel comfortable going back to school spring semester. Being indoors for 8 hours a day sounds like a COVID-19 hotspot including the bus rides,” mentions Mariel Castro (‘21). She continues to say, “Although it is my senior year and I miss my friends and teachers dearly, I wouldn’t want the health of others to be at a higher risk by attending school in-person as long as the virus is still prominent,”

Regardless of the changes that may or may not be happening within the next couple of months, the seniors mentioned that the best ways that they are coping with the unprecedented times, that have been this pandemic, are through self care, taking breaks, and staying organized.
The seniors of Preuss say, “We can’t wait to ‘Zoom’ our way through the rest of the school year!”