Trolley Extension Will Provide Alternative Transportation for Students


Ms. Garcia

In late 2021, the Mid-Coast Trolley Extension will be open for public use, including to The Preuss School UC San Diego students.

The Preuss School UC San Diego is planning to work with transit authorities so that students will be able to use the trolley extension as a method of transportation.

“As a school we are hoping to find a way to have an arrangement where we can reduce the cost [of the trolley]” states Dr. Steitz.

The normal transportation system for The Preuss School UC San Diego students was the San Diego Unified School District School Buses. These buses were paid for by the school and through donations.

“I would ride the trolley to school,” commented Yahir Solano (‘22).

He believes that it would be great to have multiple options to get to school.

The SDUD School Buses also provide a safety plan for students, which would also need to be resolved for the new transportation system.

“As a school we will need to work with the transit authorities to see what kind of relationship we can establish. I’d like to see some kind of designated cars for Preuss Students at designated times. This would allow for greater security for our students,” adds Dr. Steitz.

The MTS Safety and Security team assures their riders that they are committed to keeping everyone safe. On their website they have provided sources that riders of the MTS can utilize in case of emergencies as well as listing a few safety measures that they have taken to make sure riders are safe.

Assuming there would be more familiar people and a well established security system, Solano explains, “I would feel safe because there would be more witnesses to a crime if it were to occur.”

Dr. Steitz also anticipates that this new transportation system will impact student life by opening new opportunities for students.

“I think over time this will have a huge effect on student life,” Dr. Steitz continues, “Scholars could take the trolley in the morning and then decide to stay at school later and not worry about missing a late bus. The trolley operates much more frequently than our busses do. I am sure there will be some kind of weekend schedule as well. I think this will just open up serval [several] options for our scholars.”

If Preuss decides to use the trolley extension, it will give students a chance to use it for Saturday Enrichment Academy because of its accessibility.

The Preuss School UC San Diego is pushing to work with the SDMTS transportation system.

As Dr. Steitz said, “There is nothing more liberating than having the ability to come and go on your own.”