Holiday Tips: Pandemic Edition

Change in Holiday Plans?
Gabriela Comparan
Many families have been affected by Covid-19 in the past eight months. As a result, the chaos of the Coronavirus might lead to a modification in some families and students’ original holiday plans, but the fun doesn’t have to stop.

California’s Covid cases aren’t going down as we hoped; they are actually rising quite rapidly. So many families, especially younger children, will be unhappy that they won’t be able to celebrate their favorite holiday with their family and friends. Although we all want to spend this chilly season with our loved ones, it is not just important that we wear masks and try to stay in our own homes, for our own safety but especially for others around us. Although it is very unfortunate that this pandemic isn’t getting any better, there are still ways to have fun while staying safe.

Most families celebrate during the holiday season by going or throwing parties with their family and friends. There is still a way to do that… virtually, of course. There are so many apps and tools to help families communicate, that can also be used to have fun. Students can try to teach family and friends how to use zoom, so that they can have an over- the- phone holiday gathering.

There are also many entertaining and fairly simple activities to do at home. One of which is to have a gingerbread house contest. Whoever wins gets the last slice of apple pie! Another common project to do is making paper snowflakes. They can be simple and easy to make, or you can challenge yourself and make your cuts a little more precise.

With all these activities going on, I’m getting hungry. I think I have a great idea, we can have a baking contest! Baking contests are especially fun during the winter. The oven warms up the house and fills it with the scent of cinnamon. Anything can be made, and apple pie, pumpkin pie, cookies, cake, you can also have a cookie decorating contest. The possibilities are endless, well in this case they are limited because of the pandemic, but the possibilities at home are endless.

Over all this worrisome time, everyone should still try to enjoy the holiday season with their home family. All of California is thankful for the people who obey the state rules and keep on their masks during this wildly unfortunate pandemic. So thank you to all those who are keeping yourselves and others safe. Have a wonderful break and an even more wonderful rest of the year.