Dr. Anderson: Teacher, Coach, Runner


Ms. Anderson, a middle school teacher at Preuss, is a great athlete and coach. During my interview with her, she shared about her sports, her workouts, and her coaching. Although she is the cross country coach, her passion has always been soccer.

Ms. Anderson stated, “I played soccer all the time!”.

She played soccer when she was little, in high school, and in college. She even plays as an adult.

To stay fit, she can be found running with her twins around her neighborhood, at the parks, the beaches, and the trails in San Diego. She likes running because it keeps her healthy and gives her energy.

“Running makes me feel good.”

As the cross country coach, she teaches her athletes how to get fit and run faster. Her focus for her athletes is on training both the body and the mind.

When asked about the upcoming cross country season, she stated, “I don’t know. I think we will have a season but we are still waiting to hear.”

Ms. Anderson says that coaching cross country “combines her love of running and working with kids.” Preuss is lucky to have her as a teacher and a coach!