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The Student News Site of The Preuss School

The Preuss Insider

The Student News Site of The Preuss School

The Preuss Insider

Princess Project Returns to Preuss
Amy Shantal Bustos Garcia, School News Writer • March 12, 2024
Drama Students Begin Shakespeare Production
Amy Shantal Bustos Garcia, School News Writer • March 11, 2024
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Marlene Rojas-Renteria
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Junior Clubs/organizations? → Church Hobbies? → Painting, drawing, writing, and eating Favorite season? → Winter Place you'd like to visit? → I want to visit Japan since...

PSP Games and Consoles From The 2000’s to Now

Barbara Guerrero
Flags are often used in racing to communicate important messages to drivers.

The Tik Tok platform has recently shed a light on the video game console Playstation portable, most known as the PSP. The PSP was released in the early 2000’s and has always been a beloved hand console for gamers.  

PSP’s have remained outstanding compared to the first gaming consoles such as the Gameboy, Atari, and the GameCube. What separates the PSP from other consoles is that it’s highly associated with the term “modding,” meaning people can jailbreak the console and improve game functions, update screen graphics, and enhance the overall system.  It also allows users the option to back up all the game information. Even some of the other consoles could be modded,  but their graphics or thumb handsticks went outdated, while the PSP remains superior because users can still play old games and enhance certain system features. 

PSP video games through the 2000’s are nothing short of classic and loved games by various types of gamers: streamers, retro, and competitive. The aesthetic and nostalgia that surrounds these throwback games continue to produce a heartwarming feeling for fans of the PSP device then, and new fans now. The following PSP video games that gamers, including myself, highly recommended are Ratchet and Clank; Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles; and Mortal Kombat: Unchained

Ratchet and Clank was created by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It was released in 2002. The plot arc focuses on Ratchet, a lombax mechanic who wishes to explore space and then Zoni, a robot who was created in a robot factory. Throughout the game they both go on adventures to save the universe from various threats. This game has become beloved for its amazing graphics for its time.

Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles was developed and published by Konami. It was released in 2007. It happens to be a part of a series. This game is the 27th out 39th games in the series. In this game the plot deepens as the villainous characters begin to revive an unholy power to destroy the decadent world and begin anew. This game is beloved for the art and rich story that has unfolded throughout the series apart from this game. It was so beloved that Netflix adapted two shows from this game series. 

Mortal Kombat: Unchained was developed by Acclaim and published by Midway. It also happens to be a game a part of a series franchise that has 29 games in total. It’s one the most loved 1.v.1 fighting games with an amazing storyline to play. This game amongst all is the most nostalgic because of how long it’s been running for. It remained memorable for the graphics throughout the decades. 

Ever since the release of the first PSP and the later releases like the PS Vita, PS 1000, and PS 2000, it had gone pretty quiet for any future releases apart from the similar console Nintendo switch. Recently it has been rumored that there will be a new upgrade added to the console series.

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