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The Student News Site of The Preuss School

The Preuss Insider

The Student News Site of The Preuss School

The Preuss Insider

New Pride of Preuss member receiving their awards.
Preuss Faculty Select New Pride of Preuss 
Rayan Dahir, Design • June 17, 2024

As the new 24-25 school year is around the corner, the current Pride of Preuss is graduating and welcoming in the new Pride of Preuss at the...

Preuss Holds the Final SEA of the Year
Rediet Neme, School News Writer • June 5, 2024
Prom Season Hits the Preuss School UCSD
Stacy Rosales, School News Writer • May 15, 2024
Senior Swag Dazzles Preuss Campus
Rediet Neme, School News Writer • May 13, 2024
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Seniors Reveal Their College Acceptances

Andre Gurrola-Rivera
Miguel Santiago (24′) got accepted to Cal State LA!

All Preuss students are required to apply to four Universities of California (UC) and four California State Universities (CSU), and have the option to apply to more. Seniors are now very anxious and excited to hear back from the colleges they applied to,, and many have already received acceptances from CSU and private universities through mail and email. 

“So far, I’ve been accepted to a couple of schools, but I’m still waiting on UCs and privates. I got into San Marcos, Chico State and Cal Poly Humboldt,” Daniela Aguirre (‘24) acknowledges. “My final decision will be based on the school that will give me the best opportunities.”

“I got into CSU San Marcos and San Diego State, but I’m still waiting on other schools,” Amira Abdilahi (‘24) asserts. 

Gabriel Benacourt (‘24) recently got into his dream university, Stanford. “I’m truthfully very grateful with this school and the opportunities it has given me, and most importantly the support my family has given me. I also got into San Diego State which has a beautiful campus,” he declares.  

Kevin Hernandez (‘24) has heard from a variety of colleges. So far, he’s gotten into Chico State, San Diego State, Loyola Marymount, Santa Clara University, University of the Pacific, University of La Verne and Dominican University. 

Recently, Gael Herrera (‘24) got into Swarthmore University. Swarthmore is a highly selective university. He applied through QuestBridge’s College Match program, and will receive a full scholarship to attend.. He also had the opportunity to travel to the campus since the university flew him out beforehand. “I am truly happy that all my hard work has paid off, and I’m very excited to start a new journey at Swarthmore,” he comments.

Another Preuss student has recently been accepted to a selective university. Lia Le (‘24) learned she was accepted to Johns Hopkins University right before winter break. “I couldn’t believe it myself when I read the letter,” she remarks.

As time passes, seniors will continue being accepted into great colleges but don’t have to commit to one until the first of May. The majority of seniors have been accepted to at least one college but many are still waiting to hear from their preferred universities. As the seniors’ school year at Preuss comes to an end, they are becoming more eager to start the next stage of their lives.

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