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The Student News Site of The Preuss School

The Preuss Insider

The Student News Site of The Preuss School

The Preuss Insider

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Preuss Advances Campus Security

Andre Gurrola-Rivera
New security locks were added to every classroom at The Preuss School UCSD.

Our administration over winter break started new renovations to our school to make it a safer campus. To create a safer campus, they have been renovating the doors and the windows. 

The windows now have a one way privacy film so that no one from the outside can see inside the classrooms giving us more privacy. The windows are a great addition because they are used for when we have lockdowns and an intruder won’t be able to see into the classes. 

By creating a second seal on the windows to keep heat from escaping, window film insulation projects heat flow back into the space. Window film is a film that is added on to a window to add more privacy. When there is a criminal in a room and on the other side of the room you can see them but they can’t see you. That is what is called a one way privacy film. I believe that every school should add this film to their windows to add more privacy and for safety reasons for their students.   

The other renovation is the doors. When the renovation is complete, the only way to enter a classroom will be with a teacher key card and the door will be constantly locked. Right now, the doors have been frustrating because any time a student goes outside to use the restroom or goes to the nurse they have to be let in by someone. Nevertheless, this renovation is a great addition because it provides more safety for the students in case of an emergency or a school shooting. And the teachers still have access to their classrooms so the classroom is not cut off from everyone.

Something else they should add to the renovation is allowing students to have their own key card along with the teachers. It would be dangerous if a student is outside during a school shooting and needs to get inside the closest classroom and can’t get in. Not only would this provide more safety for students but it would teach them responsibility and how to take care of their own key card. 

 Another renovation that should be made are the fences. It is very important that all kids here feel safe. The key to making sure everyone is safe is creating renovations that keeps the outside world out. One way to do that is by making the fence less accessible. The fences need to be higher so that it’s harder for an intruder to jump the fence. The front fence of the school should also be locked and the only way for a student to enter the school is through the locked office. Not only does it provide safety for us but it makes sure that none of the students ditch. 

The renovations that have occurred are finishing up and hopefully they continue to do more renovations for our safety. Parents and families should have that confidence to send their children to school and not have to worry about them being in danger. 

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