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The Student News Site of The Preuss School

The Preuss Insider

The Student News Site of The Preuss School

The Preuss Insider

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Preuss Spirit Expressed In A Week

Zetseat Damte
Preuss students spread Breast Cancer awareness!

To build up the suspense to Preuss’ first high school formal, students had the chance to display their school spirit from Monday, October 9th to Friday, October 13th. Our school’s ASB chose fun and unique themes for high school and middle school students to participate in. 

On Monday, high school students sported college sweatshirts while middle school students wore tops with heroes or villains. 

“I got my sweatshirt from my older brother, and I never wore it, so it was kind of perfect,” stated Amy Cruz (‘25).

On Tuesday, all students could wear full-length pajama pants (not shorts or sweatpants) but  Preuss tops were required.

Preuss students dress for Pajama Day. (Zetseat Damte)

“I actually liked pajama day. I got to sleep in my clothes and just changed my shirt for school,” Eliel Jimenez (‘26) said.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Preuss incorporated a Mean Girls rule into spirit week: On Wednesdays we wear pink! Students wore pink tops or bottoms. While it was originally  planned as a free dress day, it was changed last minute and required everyone to wear Preuss bottoms.

“As someone who loves pink, I was excited, but …I was about to get dress-coded for wearing jeans despite that being the original [plan],” complained Natalie Luna (‘25).

On Thursday, high schoolers dressed according to the decade assigned to their grade. Seniors were assigned the 80s; Juniors, the 90s; Sophomores, the 2000s, and Freshmen were assigned the 2010s. Alternatively, middle schoolers were given the chance to dress like a future career on Career Day. 

Juniors dress for the decade 80’s. (Zetseat Damte)

The day high school students had awaited arrived on Friday, October 13. While it was the day of the High School Fall Formal, it was also a day for Preuss students to show their Triton pride. Students dressed in blue and gold/yellow attire. However, on their social media page, ASB announced new rules regarding the theme: only navy bottoms along with dark yellow clothes were allowed.

“It felt like any other school day,  so I didn’t even participate,” expressed Ashley Yudho (‘25). “I just wore my ASB shirt with the school pants.’’

Spirit Week is a week that all Preuss students look forward to; however the strict dress code made it difficult for students to enjoy, resulting in very low participation due to students not wanting to conform. At the end of the week, students were overall satisfied with the ability to show off their style.

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