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The Student News Site of The Preuss School

The Preuss Insider

The Student News Site of The Preuss School

The Preuss Insider

New Pride of Preuss member receiving their awards.
Preuss Faculty Select New Pride of Preuss 
Rayan Dahir, Design • June 17, 2024

As the new 24-25 school year is around the corner, the current Pride of Preuss is graduating and welcoming in the new Pride of Preuss at the...

Preuss Holds the Final SEA of the Year
Rediet Neme, School News Writer • June 5, 2024
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Stacy Rosales, School News Writer • May 15, 2024
Senior Swag Dazzles Preuss Campus
Rediet Neme, School News Writer • May 13, 2024

Unorganized Monthly Calendars Lack Information


Our school has a monthly calendar. It is supposed to provide information for students and families. Unfortunately, it is not organized well. The format is hard to understand and several months are missing.

The current calendars can be found in the glass cabinet outside of the office and in the Preuss website. The current issue has the information of the college rep visits, PTA meetings, sports meetings and games, international day of child/girl, fall formal, saturday school, and a Preuss discovery day. While other calendars usually have the same information, but are less detailed and are less cluttered. This means that calendars should remind us of some of the most important events of the month and do most of the time.

The calendars that I looked through were the calendars for the school years 2021-2022, 2022-2023, and this current school year, 2022-2023. They were not all in a singular place inside the Preuss website. This is a terrible design flaw. People need to be able to find each of the monthly calendars they are looking for. Instead of scavenging throughout the internet to find them. The easiest calendar to find is the calendar for the current month which can be located on our Preuss website by just scrolling down the site. But if a student or family member wants to find the past calendars, they have to search throughout the Preuss site using the search bar.

Another issue for finding the calendars is the fact that the names of the calendar are named incorrectly. Some of them are called “month name” calendar, “month name” calendar event, “month” 2002 calendar event, “month year” calendar event, or “month” calendar. This causes many people looking for the calendars to not find them. An example was the calendar June 2022, it was called the “December 2002 Events” for the link to the calendar when searching through the Preuss site.

When searching for the calendars for the three school years I was able to find all of them except the calendars for August 2021, September 2021, and October 2022. This was just because it was terribly placed and I also think that these calendars was not even uploaded into the Preuss website

Another problem that arises was how terribly it was formatted. There was only one format that I saw, but they were colored differently. The format of the calendar was the month and then the events on a list under it. This is a terrible format because there is not enough space for more than three events on one day and the events are all formatted differently. Some of them take more space than necessary. Then there is the fact that all of the events have the event time of the event inside the calendar which is an unnecessary part that could just be in the list.

The list of events shows all of the events during the week, but there’s little to no events of the middle schoolers. This is a terrible decision because it is the monthly event calendar of the whole school, not just of high school. The events that the middle school has on the calendar are just events for the whole school, the end of year things, and one or two field trips. The middle school has little to no events on the calendar and high school has the majority of the events on the calendar, but there’s more events that occur than just the events on the calendar.

I personally think that the calendar should just have the main events of the month while the list of events under it should have all of the events, be constantly updated to show if the events are delayed, removed, or moved, and the daily bulletins should be a link inside the day box in the monthly calendar. This is an important part of the school because it serves as a reliable source of information for the parents and students for events of the school.

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