Senior Spotlight: Angelina Solice



Angelina Solis (’23)

Lesly Castillo, Entertainment Editor

In the month of June, the school year comes to an end for underclassmen. For seniors of 2023, their entire high school career comes to an end, and they will all be graduating. Angelina Solis, is one student who will be graduating this year, and they also happen to be this year’s salutatorian. Solis has worked hard throughout their high school career and here’s how it went for them.

What do you think your 6th grade you would think or say of you now as a senior?
“6th grade me would be proud that I made it this far, for sure, but probably not as impressed. I definitely feel like 6th grade me would be like ‘Why didn’t you do more?’ ”

What’s your favorite memory in high school?
“Whenever I stayed after school or in SEA, I’d be with my friends and we’re more free. Usually staying after we’re in the art room or music room or other clubs that we enjoy.”

What was the hardest part about high school and why?
“My junior year was for sure the hardest, and I mean that in both ways academically and socially. Sophomore year was also pretty difficult especially since it was the first year coming back from remote learning.”

Who or what has helped you the most throughout high school and why?
“My advisory teacher, Mr. Scott, definitely helped me throughout my high school career. Shoutout to him. Also my friends helped; they were always there and supportive of me.”

How do you feel about graduating high school as the salutatorian?
“I feel very accomplished, like all of my work has paid off and it was for something. My family was for sure proud too, and it felt good telling them, too. “

What college will you be attending and why?
“I’m going to UCSD because it’s closer to home and it’s a good school. I’d like to either major in medicine or engineering.”

Do you know what you would like to do after college?
I’d want to be in modeling research, or I’d want to be a doctor after college and medical school.

What was your favorite class and why?
“My favorite class was any class with Boquieren. She’s one of my favorite teachers, and the way she teaches helps me better understand.”

What’s a piece of advice you would give to the underclassmen or future seniors?
“Focus on yourself, for sure. Make yourself a priority. I know things are going on with your friends and family or whoever you’re cutting off, just focus on yourself. If someone is worth the effort, then continue the relationship with that person, but continue prioritizing yourself and don’t dismiss yourself.”