Senior Spotlight: Valedictorian Alex Tep

Natan Fessehaye, School News Writer

As the school year comes to an end, it’s time to acknowledge the graduating class of 2023. Alex Tep (‘23) is this year’s valedictorian with his amazing academics and character.

“I remember back in fifth grade that people from Preuss had come to my school and gave a presentation about joining. From there I was encouraged by my teachers to join, as well as my dad being enthusiastic about me being able to go,” Tep recalls.

After being accepted to Preuss, there were some small obstacles that he had to overcome.

“I remember the atmosphere being different, as I would spend more hours here than I did back in elementary school, as well as being more independent when going to our classes and navigating around the school. It was really something I wasn’t used to,” said Tep.

During the seven years Tep has been at Preuss, he had multiple notable encounters and events that have shaped his experience.

Tep explains, “At Preuss, I would say my overall experience has been changing, as Preuss has been a part of my overall growth as a human being and seeing the many years of change from sixth grade to now. I would say the world around me as well as myself has changed a lot.”

Although Tep is very accomplished, he admits there have been obstacles in his academics and social life at school.

“I’d say that not participating in more activities throughout my high school year was a setback, but the pandemic was an overall bigger setback for me as I clearly remember being confined at my home for a school year. It made me feel a growth stunt as a person and student,” said Tep.

Although Alex had these setbacks, there were some greater things he was able to accomplish and he came out of them victorious.

Alex says, “I was able to go from a shy follower person to a more confident person who is willing to take charge and be able to take the time to focus on what is important for me, such as getting involved with sports and keeping up my grades.”

Now that the school year is over, it is time for him to get ready to go to his future college as well as reflect on acknowledging what he has done.

Alex states, “After a lot of hard work I earned the spot as 2023 valedictorian and was able to get into a college I applied for: Brown, which is an Ivy-League school.”

Before Alex leaves there are some words he wants to leave for Preuss’ underclassmen: “For future Preuss students, I advise you try to have fun and not waste time because once you start using that time for things you are interested in, like sports or a club, you might start to have more fun as well as build yourself as a person.”