Senior Spotlight: Eden Daniel

Heaven Woldai, Entertainment Writer

Preuss senior Eden Daniel (‘23) committed to Cornell University, a private Ivy-League institution, where she will be majoring in Public Health. Daniel is very involved with the Preuss community as Robotics Co-president, ASB Social Director, a Squash captain, and more. Daniel created the first ever Formal Fall dance in Preuss history. She was also able to bring back ASB ball her senior year, which hasn’t taken place since 2020. Preuss juniors, sophomores, and freshmen were able to experience their first ever formal dance because of Eden Daniel.

Q: What’s your proudest accomplishment?
A: “Getting into Cornell has definitely been my greatest accomplishment. Being a first-generation student, I never saw getting into an Ivy League school as a possibility—it was really only a dream. As the first person in my family to not only get into an Ivy but also receive a full ride, I find it kind of crazy. My efforts have definitely paid off.”

Q: Who at Preuss inspired and supported you the most?
A: “Ms. Boquiren has definitely supported me the most. Definitely the best advisory teacher. Ms. Boquiren has probably read each of my essays five times. She had so much faith in me and was definitely more confident in me than I was in myself. I’m going to miss her the most once I graduate. Without Ms. Boquiren, I honestly wouldn’t have made it to where I am right now.”

Q: What advice would you give to juniors who will soon begin the college application process?
A: “Start your college essays in August, create multiple drafts, believe in yourself. Another big thing is to have confidence when writing your essays, because if you don’t, then they’ll know you don’t have confidence. Trust the process and apply to every school you’re considering. Go to Ms. Bandy, bug your advisory teachers, and have many people read your essay. The most important thing is to have fun with your essays and show your real self.”

Q: What schools were you considering before committing to Cornell and why?
A: “I was considering UC Berkeley and Northeastern. Both schools gave me full rides and even paid me to attend. They were both in California, which is why they were still being considered. I got into Northeastern’s Oakland campus. Cornell is definitely an amazing school but I also had to consider if I can handle being so far from my family. After going to Berkeley’s admit day I realized I loved the social life. Northeastern’s co-op program is what made me consider it. Deciding a school was probably more hard than the actual application process—I even committed to Cornell past commit day.”

Q: How have you been preparing for college life?
A: “Ooh, definitely buying a bunch of dorm essentials. I’m also trying to meet a lot of people through social media, and I’m currently looking for a roommate. I’ve been researching the school and the things around it, looking for a fun study spot, and fun places to go. OH! I’m also trying to follow fellow Habeshas [An ethnic term referring to both Eritrean and Ethiopians].”

Q: Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
A: “Hopefully Grad School or already having an MD or PhD. Career-wise, maybe working for the UN or even working with the U.S. government. I really hope to have a job that will change the world.”