Senior Spotlight: Brittany Tran

Marlene Rojas, School News Writer

Graduation season is a time of celebration, marking a significant milestone in an individual’s educational journey. The Preuss School UCSD says goodbye to their beloved seniors, a group filled with remarkable and inspiring individuals ready to embark on their journeys into the world. Senior Brittany Tran (‘23) is a perfect reflection of the strengths and wisdom our seniors have earned during their years at Preuss.

With resilience, Brittany Tran is proudly earning her cap and gown, prepared to step onto the stage and bask in the well deserved applause for her many accomplishments before she heads off to Otis College of Art and Design.

“I would say my greatest accomplishment at this school was learning how to socialize and leaving an impact in such a silly school and community,” stated Tran.

Throughout her journey of learning, Brittany has attained many valuable life experiences. By embracing the challenges and opportunities that have been presented to her, she serves as an inspiration to the underclassmen, encouraging them to redefine their own beliefs about success and personal growth.

“I’ve developed emotionally. I’ve learned to accept fate and take life’s opportunities as they pass by,” said Tran.

These last few months are a blur as Brittany, and other seniors alike, eagerly plan for the future. She managed to navigate through the stressful duties of college applications, essays, and scholarship opportunities. Brittany Tran has a concrete plan, and that is enough.

“I just plan to do art school and join the military right after. You can become an officer if you get a college degree first,” commented Tran.

Despite the joy and excitement for these new stages in their lives, fear and uncertainty finds a way to creep into a graduating senior’s unique mix of emotions. Brittany herself questions her ability to adapt and succeed in a new environment, yet she recognizes that resilience and growth is born from one taking risks.

“I fear that since I’m going to a major I don’t necessarily have a passion for, I’ll regret it,” explained Tran. “The passion that I lack could possibly stunt me and I feel that my path of self discovery might even make me enter a life crisis and somehow become a genius? Far-fetched but hey, anything could happen after high school.”

So, while the seniors get ready to embark on their journeys into the world, allow the underclassmen to embark on a celebration of the incredible seniors. The senior’s graduation should be a time for us to honor their accomplishments and gain inspiration to follow in their footsteps.

“My advice to underclassmen is to think about how it will affect you later down the road.”