Junior Service Learning Project Analyzes Middle School Behavior

Vy Thai, Design Editor

For the 2022-2023 school year, juniors will participate in a Service Learning project that focuses on improving the Preuss community whether it is through fixing the bathrooms or inspecting problematic middle school behavior. The group analyzing middle school behavior has started collecting data.

As middle school behavior has shifted to become more and more disobedient according to the Preuss Way and Student Handbook, the burning question of why middle schoolers behave how they do arises. This Service Learning project will be analyzing middle school behavior with collected data through teachers, peers, and the middle schoolers themselves.

If interested in this project, high-schoolers can participate in this investigation through this questionnaire.

As a questionnaire will be sent to teachers and high school students, middle schoolers will be interviewed in-person in order for authentic data to be collected on how they perceive themselves and their peers.

Hopefully, with research and raw data collected, this project will be able to deduce a result as to how the Preuss community can resolve problematic middle schoolers behavior.