Mr. Caesar Says Farewell to Preuss

Johnny Carvajal, School News Writer

On Friday May 5th during high school lunch, students, cheerleaders, and staff gathered at Manchester Field in the shape of a C and a heart in recognition of Mr. Caesar’s final day working at Preuss.

Mr. Caesar has played a crucial role in our school community and we are grateful to have him a part of the Preuss family.

“He was always kind to students,” said Chantal Velasquez (25’). “He made sure everyone was okay during lunch and getting to their classes on time.”

Mr. Caesar has been a beloved member of the Preuss School community since 2007. In his role as campus supervisor, Mr. Caesar contributed to the safety of the school environment and made our students feel comfortable at school. He was a positive role model for many students as well.

“Work hard and you will accomplish what you set out for,” stated Mr. Caesar. His brilliant words of advice will be a big part of Preuss history and he will never be forgotten.