More Animal Rights, No More Animal Cruelty


Gissell Montufar

Animal cruelty has been a major topic of controversy.

Christian Platas-Sanchez, Editorial Writer

On May 6, 2023 Walk for Animals will take place at NTC Park at Liberty Station, San Diego, and on May 13, 2023, the official San Diego Animal Rights March 2023 will take place. This march will start at Balboa Park and continue on for a 3 mile walk until reaching a North Park food popup. These protests were planned in order to advocate for animal rights, animal liberation, and to speak out for animals who experience animal cruelty.

Having to protest for animal rights comes from animal cruelty which is more common than we realize. Animal cruelty is common in both urban and rural areas. There are many cases reported everyday that involve animal cruelty.

According to the Humane Society of the United States “Pet abuse is one of four predictors of domestic partner violence.” “There are approximately 70 million pet dogs and 74.1 million pet cats in the U.S. where 20 men and women are assaulted per minute (an average of around 10 million a year).”

There has been an increase in cases where animals, specifically pets, are chained outside in the harsh weather conditions with their paws on the hot ground, leaving them to starve to death, dehydrated, abuse, diseases, and so much more. It’s honestly absurd that these animals are living in these conditions, why are these abusers purchasing these pets when they’re just going to treat them this way?

This isn’t the only form of animal cruelty. Animal cruelty also exists in makeup brands, otherwise known as cosmetic animal cruelty. The most common animals to test on include mice, rats, rabbits and guinea pigs. Animal testing is simply unnecessary, the reason being because it causes suffering and pain for these poor animals, this is barbaric treatment. All these animals are killed because they’re exposed to a bunch of chemicals in order for companies to ensure these products aren’t toxic for human use. Due to this process, it’s better to transition into cruelty-free makeup products and or skin products to mitigate animal cruelty.

These “pets owners” and makeup brands have to understand that animals are just as important as humans. We have to protect them just like we do with each other. Animal testing and Animal cruelty has to decrease greatly, this cannot keep happening. Animals are living things that need the same kind of attention and love as humans which is not a complicated concept to understand.