Exceptional New Creed Release


Creed III is now currently available in theaters.

Heaven Woldai, Entertainment Writer

Creed continues its series with Creed III where Micheal B Jordan plays Adonis, the main character who faces a childhood friend in his personal life and his boxing career. The movie was released in theaters and is rated Pg-13. As the film progresses the storyline between the other Creed movies, we see Adonis’ family life and work life after retirement. His childhood friend, Damien, is newly introduced in this film and shows up in Adonis while he’s thriving the most in his career.

Micheal B. Jordan plays Adonis throughout the Creed series; he is also known for his popular roles in Black Panther, Fantastic 4, and Just Mercy. We can create high expectations for Jordan’s presentation in Creed III. Jordan was able to easily fulfill those standards. Damien is played by Jonathan Majors, a famously known actor for his Marvel roles in Loki and Ant-man and the Wasp.

Creed III begins with a time skip from Creed II and shows Adonis’s new fame and family. At his place of work after retiring from boxing, Adonis is greeted by a childhood friend, Damien. Damien had slowly begun to involve himself in Adonis’s life more, he did it to gain opportunities to expand his boxing career. Throughout this Damien begins lying, cheating, and harming others to become relevant in the boxing community. As Adonis acknowledges Damiens’s harmful attributes, he realizes he’s at fault for hurting his peers, coworkers, and even himself. As the tension between them rises, Damien challenges Adonis to fight. Adonis accepted the fight, even though he had already retired from boxing. They both work for the heavyweight championship title.

The film easily matches the energy and exceeds the cinematography of past Creed movies. In the movie’s fight scene between Adonis and Creed, the way the scene was illustrated was mesmerizing. The Camera had close-ups of the actor’s faces, it zoomed in and out during their fight and even created a trippy effect. The camera work made the film’s visuals 10 times better because the camera work in this scene had plenty of light and various camera techniques. They were new aspects that were only introduced in the huge fight scene.

Overall, Creed III is an exceptional movie with a great message about forgiveness. The film is family-friendly and the acting is excellent with great visuals. I highly recommend Creed III to everyone of all ages even though it’s rated for children 13 and up.