Spotlight on Ms. Ekatherina


Michael Grijalva

Ms. Katy demonstrates her passion for the Spanish language through teaching.

Natan Fessehaye, School News Writer

Since her beginnings at Preuss in 2022 as a Spanish tutor, Ms. Ekatherina Telminova has been the acting substitute for Ms. Lopez in Spanish III for many months. As such, she has gained a well-known role as a substitute and tutor for Ms. Lopez in this school.

For Ms. Ekatherina, coming to Preuss has been an interesting experience since she started as a tutor.

“My master’s program I am working on requires me to go to a school in our community as a way to practice what we learn in class,” explained Ms. Ekatherina. “Since I’ve been here on my master’s program, it has been really nice as I get to work with students as well as learn on how to improve myself.”

Not long after she joined, she would take a bigger role within the school that would put her teaching skills to the test after Ms. Lopez took medical leave.

Ms. Ekatherina says “After Ms. Lopez left, it was a really interesting experience as I was able to work on what I learned and teach to students who were on different levels of Spanish in our Spanish III classes; as well as teach native and non-native Spanish speakers and help them improve their Spanish.”

For Ms. Ekatherina Spanish is a subject that she really enjoys. And even though it is not her first language it is one she takes much joy in.

“I am really glad that I have the opportunity to be working with students in Spanish as it allows me to learn and adapt and know what to use when I become a Spanish teacher myself.” Ms. Ekatherina says.

Ms. Ekatherina feels she is professionally best at teaching Spanish to students.

“When I started my teaching career, I wanted to teach something I really liked. And for me, Spanish is the way to go as it allows me to work with students in a subject I am very passionate about,” Ms. Ekatherina says.

And sometime after Ms. Lopez came back, Ms. Ekatherina has worked with her on a project where she takes on her own set of students.
“So right now I am an intern spanish teacher for Spanish 3 and for the past few weeks I have taken on a small class of my own of non native Spanish speakers for Spanish 3,” Ms. Ekatherina states.

As Ms. Ekatherina works to be a teacher, so she decided to choose a subject that she knows very well.

Ms. Ekatherina states, “Even though Spanish is not my first language it is definitely a language that I really enjoy and something I am looking forward to teaching myself.”