New Outer Banks Season Doesn’t Meet Expectations


Barbara Guerrero

The new season of Outer Banks has aroused controversy from its viewers.

Heaven Woldai, Entertainment Writer

Popular Netflix show Outer Banks has returned with a third season and with even bigger plot twists. Following season 2, the new season starts in the same period where the “Pogues” are left stranded on an island. A “rogue” is someone who lives in the poorer area of the Outer Banks. Much like the past seasons, Outer Banks continues to display the ongoing dispute between “Pogues” and “Kooks,” Kooks being people who live in the richer area of Outer Banks. The new season also furthers the Pogue’s adventures for treasure.

Many of the Outer Banks actors were not well known until Outer Banks blew up. Though their performances were exceptional as expected from the continued cast of the past seasons. For the characters who were more represented in season 3 than in past seasons, their skills also shocked audiences. The father of the main character was given much more screen time and Charles Halford plays Jonathan Routledge. Routledge is one of the most important characters in the story. Despite not being a main character, his character is what pursues the Pogues to treasure hunt and as well brought the Pogues into a lot of danger. Charles Halford being able to play such an important character is a great accomplishment and will further his acting career. Halford was easily able to fulfill his role through his ability to play an obsessive non emotive character while still having audiences love his character. Even his facial features matched his character’s personality.

The plot for Outer Banks is about a group of teenagers named John B, JJ, Kie, Pope, and Sarah. Season 3 was able to finalize a new teenager to the friend group named Cleo. The group of teenagers, or “Pogues”, originally had sought the treasure of Santo Domingo. The treasure, an ancient gold cross that had been thought to be a myth for decades, was eventually found by the Pogues but was stolen by Sarah Cameron’s father. Sarah learning all the secrets about her father, Ward Cameron, influenced her to emancipate herself. Though Ward kidnapped her and decided to move her and his family onto an unknown island by faking his death. The Pogues go after their friend and decide to try and take back the treasure, being able to save Sarah. All but not being able to get the treasure as the Pouges continue to try and take the treasure back. Season 3 displays their journey of getting the cross back and retrieving an even bigger treasure.

Outer Banks season 3 is entertaining, though it isn’t as entertaining as the past seasons. The season does have many plot twists and is somewhat intriguing; it just hasn’t fulfilled the expectations of audiences. Season 3 shifted its theme from fun and thrilling to serious, making it less enjoyable. The relationships in the show are also ruined throughout season 3 because of how many times relationships are broken up and overall unhappy, this creates an exhaustive atmosphere for audiences furthering the unenjoyment.

Overall Outer Banks Season 3 could’ve been better but it was intriguing with its many plot twists and characters. I recommend Outer Banks if viewers enjoy thrillers, mystery, and cliffhangers.