Teacher Friendships Around Preuss


Barbara Guerrero

Ms. Garcia (left) and Dr. Weber (right) are a well-known duo at Preuss.

Lesly Castillo, Entertainment Writer

At the Preuss School UCSD, staff is always open to ways of bringing the school together but not just the students. Teachers at Preuss have some of the best friend duos that have been at Preuss for decades.

First, let’s start with Ms. Garcia and Dr. Weber. They have been friends since around 2006. Airband brought them closer together and were given the opportunity to bond over the most, even with music (preferably 80’s music).

Before, it was the trio with Mrs. Ippolito for a while but she unfortunately left. Mr. Weber and Mrs. Ippolito were closer until she left so it gave the opportunity for Mrs. Garcia and Dr. Weber to get closer.

The two love music concerts, music shows, and walks at Coronado Beach. Mrs. Garcia appreciates how wickedly smart Dr. Weber is.

“He is just on another level,” said Mrs. Garcia, “And everybody knows it, he is one of the smartest people of Preuss.” she continued.

“I appreciate how you get what you expect from Mrs. Garcia,” said Dr. Weber, “Whatever is going on with Mrs. Garcia, there’s always a sense of respect and love. What people are most likely to hear from her is the truth and I love that.”

“If she’s going to be funny, she’s going to be funny. If she’s going to be serious, she’s going to be serious,” expresses Dr. Weber, “But in the end, she always tells you sort of exactly how it is.”

Another friendship duo consists of Ms. Noorzay and Mr. Rocca. Their both impressions were they thought each other were nice. The two got closer by collaborating on activities and events of art and drama, making opportunities for students. For example, taking students to La Jolla playhouse to see plays, and trying to do collaborative field trips.

They both bond with arts in general like plays, talking about movies and art exhibits. Ms. Noorzay appreciates that regardless of how crazy their ideas are, they are always willing to explore it or collaborate on it for activities like field trips at Old Town that were not done before at the Preuss School UCSD.

“I probably wouldn’t have done any of those things on my own if I didn’t have backup with Rocca,” shared Ms. Noorzay, “It’s just better when there’s help and someone along for the ride.”

Mr. Rocca appreciates Ms. Noorzay’s creativity and her ideas but also if he pushes his ideas too far, Ms. Noorzay pulls him back a little to keep everything balanced.

They both share a favorite memory with the first 1970s themed Shakespeare festival that was pre-pandemic. This was because of the big ideas shared and it was Rocca’s first year teaching which made Ms. Noorzay a little unsure of how things would go. This was also when Mrs. Ippolito had recently left the Preuss School UCSD and Ms. Noorzay was used to working with her with arts or drama. They both thought it was so much fun and was filled with a lot of things that made a difference with Ms. Noorzay and Ms. Ippolito and Ms. Noorzay and Mr. Rocca.