Preuss Hosts T&T Conference

Andre Gurrola Rivera, School News Writer

Preuss will be hosting the T&T Model United Nations Conference on campus on Saturday, March 18, 2023.

The conference is hosted jointly by the Preuss School UC San Diego and La Jolla Country Day School. It is also the 4th year that the T&T conference will be held.

Delegates at the conference will discuss a variety of topics, such as the war on drugs, human trafficking, and Stranger Things.

The conference is accepting volunteers to work after school from March 13-17 to help make the campus presentable and decorate for the conference or to volunteer the day of the conference to help guide guests, serve food, and run the photo booth.

T&T Vice President Nicole Nguyen (‘24) reports, “Volunteering for the conference is a great way to earn some community service hours and extra credit, and is also a great extracurricular to put on your resume.”