Juniors Anticipate Tour of USD and SDSU


Barbara Guerrero

Juniors from Mr. Carr’s advisory class.

Carlos Castaneda, School News Writer

The junior class is taking a trip to the University of San Diego and San Diego State University on February 27th and February 28th.

Ms. Bandy is very excited about the opportunities that the field trips could open for juniors.

“For any students that are interested in SDSU or USD, it will give them the opportunity to see the campuses, hear from current students, and just get a feel of what the colleges are like overall,” Ms Bandy stated. “And for any students that aren’t interested in the schools, they could just experience the different clubs they offer.”

The campus tours will help juniors choose what college or university they would like to attend by showing what life would be like at these specific schools.

“I think it is very important to attend the field trip because it could be very hard to choose what college or university you want to attend,” Ms Bandy continues. “I think the only way to truly know what college you want to attend is to visit the school itself and feel if the vibe of the school is right.”

Many of the juniors that are going on the field trips have shown interest in attending at least one of the colleges that are going to be visited.

“I’m excited to go on the field trips because I have never been on either campuses and I’m excited to see what programs they offer and what opportunities the school can open up for me in the future,” Leslye Morales (‘24) said.

While many students have shown interest in the schools, other juniors have also expressed different opinions.

“I am not very excited about going on the field trip because we are in an important stage of our junior year and I really do not want to miss school and fall behind on work,” Diego Garcia (‘24) commented.

No matter what, the opportunity will be a good experience for juniors.