Junior Class Prepares For Penny Wars


Michael Grijalva

Juniors collect as many pennies as they can for their advisory class.

Andre Gurrola Rivera, Entertainment Writer

Penny Wars is set to commence for the Class of 2024 juniors in March. The competition has juniors excited to start saving coins for their class fundraiser.

The Penny Wars is a time-honored tradition here at Preuss. It has advisory teachers and students look forward to beating each other in a friendly competition. The fundraiser is a competition between Mr. Carr, Mrs. Vande Vanter’s, Dr. Weber, and Mrs. Pertraglia over who can raise the most money for class events, and the money raised is donated exclusively to the junior class’s funds. The advisory that raises the most money wins a prize, and the one in last place has to perform at Airband.

Penny Wars is organized by Preuss’s Association of the Student Body (ASB). They are providing a large plastic jug for each individual advisory where the money raised will be collected. Each penny deposited to the respective jug is worth 1 point which contributes towards a total that will decide the winner. However, other types of currency that are deposited, such as dollars and other coins are worth negative points equal to their value in cents.

At the end of the competition, on the 17th of March, the class with the most points wins. As a prize, the winning advisory gets to choose a song for the losing advisory to perform at Airband this year

Last year, Mrs. Mac’s Macaroni and Cheese’s advisory won while the loser was Ms. Boquerin’s Minions. Ms. Boquiren’s advisory will perform the song of choice from Ms. Mak’s advisory.

“It was tragic, broke my heart, and I was very disappointed,” commented Ms. Boquiren.

Diego Albarran (‘24) said, “I’m excited to see who wins and who loses. I just don’t want to lose and have to perform.”

Students from all grades are encouraged to participate in the event. There have even been treaties in past years between grades for support. Students from lower grades don’t seem to know much about the event yet but seem eager once they find out.

“I hadn’t really heard about the competition, but now that I know I’m gonna start saving my coins,” said Jonathan Hernanadez (‘24).