Staff Spotlight On Ms. Allie



Michael Grijalva

Allison Lee, the Administrative and Health Office Assistant, is seated at her front desk position in the office.

Johnny Carvajal, School News Editor

Allison Lee is a beloved new  member here at the Preuss School as our Administrative and Health Office Assistant. You can find her in the front office with Ms. Villanueva. 

Ms. Allie started working here at Preuss in the 3rd week of August 2022. 

Ms. Gomes was formerly the Administrative and Health Office Assistant. However, early this school year, she changed her position as the Administration and Data Coordinator. This presented Ms. Allie an opportunity to fill her position in the front office.

“Eventually I want to work in public health policies. Particularly, ones that focuses on the communities that are at a disadvantage.” said Ms. Allie.

Ms. Allie attended UCSD originally because it was her dream school for the medical field. However, she didn’t go for her intended reasons.

“I didn’t end up going to med school, but I really enjoyed studying Global Health there instead,” said Ms. Allie. 

Ms. Allie has many talents outside of her work that makes her who she is. She enjoys reading, cooking, and crocheting in her free time. Before being a receptionist here at Preuss, Ms. Allie held a diverse range of jobs.

“Before working at Preuss, I was a server at a ramen restaurant for three years, and before that, I worked as an online tutor and at a bunch of other restaurants.”

Even after all of her time spent at previous jobs, we are fortunate to have her here at Preuss. Ms. Allie is an amazing addition to our school’s community and provides a warm welcome back every morning.