Mask Mandate Lift: for Better or for Worse?

Christian Platas-Sanchez, Editorial Writer

We have been wearing masks ever since we began school in 2021 because of feeling and being safe from the virus. On December 16, 2022 the Preuss administration announced that the mask mandate would be lifted after winter break which means wearing a mask is no longer required and it will be optional in classroom settings.

Nevertheless, it is highly encouraged and recommended to continue wearing masks for safety and health precautions. Preuss follows the University of California San Diego mandate on the new masking policy; not having required masks in triton transportation or indoors on campus. The masking policy should’ve been kept for a bit longer before it was lifted.

Students have various responses on whether to continue to wear masks, some still wear them for safety precautions, others rather not wear them at all

Students may still feel the need to wear the mask because the virus has not completely disappeared and there is a huge risk in obtaining the sickness. Other students may feel the mask is annoying and that wearing it for over a year at school is getting tiring.

Teachers have the option to wear it as well. Various teachers prefer to have masks when being in close contact with a student or full time while some teachers don’t wear masks at all because of personal preference, it depends on each person and what they’re comfortable with.

The administration should have waited until a couple weeks after winter break due to colds and flu being more common around the winter season. Another factor is that many people travel more around this time to different states and countries to celebrate these special holidays with their families and close friends and sickness spreads more during this time.

Everyone should feel comfortable in what they choose to do. Nevertheless, if an individual is sick they should take everyone into consideration and wear a mask to keep people safe. It’s not fair to be sick and go to school and put others at risk.