Preuss Students Share Favorite Holiday Movies

Andre Gurrola Rivera, Entertainment Writer

As Preuss students settle into the Holiday season and prepare to go on our two week vacation, a good idea to spend some time this break is watching a holiday movie. For many, watching a special movie during the holidays is a family tradition, for others they just watch for fun. Either way, watching a holiday movie is a great way to get in the spirit for the holidays. I walked around and asked some Preuss students what their favorite holiday movies are.

Some favorites among Preuss students include the Grinch, Home Alone, Elf, The Nightmare Before Christmas and more.

“My favorite holiday movie is probably the Grinch live action movie. It is my favorite because I like how in the beginning he doesn’t like Christmas and by the end the people in the village change his mind. I like that he actually has character development and is able to be good at the end of the story,” said Diego Garcia Barrera (‘24).

It is often said that watching holiday movies with your family is a common tradition but that doesn’t seem to be the case with most Preuss students.

“No, not really. Occasionally someone will put on a Christmas type of movie and the whole family will sit down and watch but it’s just random, not really a tradition,” stated Yared Fente (‘25).

Some students also said they prefer alternatives to the typical holiday movie are Gremlins and Krampus. Both movies feature evil creatures that have come to ruin Christmas and provide stories that feel like more is on the line than in a typical holiday film.

“ One of my favorite Holiday movies is Krampus. I like it because I don’t really like the typical Home Alone kind of Christmas movies, and Krampus is a horror movie that still has a Christmas feel so I would say that’s my favorite,” said Diego Albarran (’24).

All in all Preuss students have lots of variance in their taste in movies and have provided lots of great choices for movies to watch over the break if you find yourself wanting to watch a Christmas movie.