Boys Varsity Basketball Team Share Season Predictions

Carlos Castaneda, School News Writer

The Preuss varsity basketball 2022-23 season kicked off last month on November 18th and the boys have started off with a solid start. The team has added many more players to their roster while Coach Simpson is returning for his second year. They have started the season with a 0-1 record.

Coach Simpson is excited for the season to improve with the team and possibly accomplish important things with his team.

“We are going out there to have fun and get better as a team,” the coach Mr. Simpson said. “We have already had a game and they have already improved so hopefully we win divisional titles this year.”

Coach Simpson has stated that he believes many players will make a big impact this season, he believes that he has recruited new talent to the team that will also make an impact this season.

“I believe that many players will surprise you guys this season, but one of the main ones is our freshman Mahad,” the coach said. “He’s still young, the youngest on the team, but I believe he has skills that will impress the crowd.”

Freshman, Mahad Hassan has many emotions about the new season and of playing varsity for the first time in high school career.

“I’m not really nervous about playing varsity, I’m just very excited and happy about making varsity as a freshman and being the youngest on the team,” Mahad (’26) said. “I just have to practice, and improve my skills to get better.”

While these players continue to practice, they also continue to grow as a team and also as individuals. Although homecoming is coming up, there might be stress or even excitement for the players.

“See, homecoming is coming up, a lot of people are gonna watch me play so I’m going to be nervous for my first year on varsity,” Mahad (’26) said. “I know that the pressure will go away with more practice and games on the team, but for now I just need to listen to my music, put my head down and play like no one is watching me.”

Players have continued to practice after the first loss of the season and have not let that discourage them from success.

“Yeah, maybe if we keep getting better and improve after the first game of the season, build some chemistry, we might be able to win the championship coming up, and maybe even be able to win CIF in our division, after all we are a really good team we just need to get better as a team,” says Mahad (’26).