Preuss ASB Crowns Homecoming Heroes

Tracy Trinh, Podcast Editor

ASB announced the champions of Preuss’ Homecoming Heroes court, which took place at the end of the homecoming basketball game at the LionTree Arena.

Prior to the voting, students had four days to nominate classmates from their own grade. After the girls basketball game, ASB made the announcement of the winners. The Freshman Heroes were Amor Martinez and Yandel Flores. The Sophomore Heroes were Aisha Amba and Addie Castillo. The Junior Heroes were Antonio Ceron and Camila Puente. Last but not least, the Senior Heroes were Jahmya Jordan and Ethan Le.

“Watching the two games, even though we lost, was fun now that I’m at the grade level where I can actually attend these events. I enjoyed homecoming in general but winning the court was an added bonus,” Freshman Hero, Yandel Flores (26’) comments.

As for which grade was the loudest, Mr. Carr, the high school ASB coordinator states, “Although it wasn’t a competition, in my opinion, the seniors were the loudest. As for most spirited appearance-wise, it was the juniors.”