Finance Club Donates to Toys for Tots

Natan Fessehaye, School News Writer

One week prior to Fall break, Preuss’s Finance club planned a fundraiser that raised enough money to buy toys and donate to Toys for tots.

Finance club had a long process to donate the money they made that took some time out of their Thanksgiving break.

“We planned everything for the fundraiser from our budget, where to buy the toys we would donate, and took advantage of sales through the past few weeks like Black Friday sales,” says Dillon Huynh (’24), “Once all of this was done we had a group go out and donate all the toys we bought once we came back from Thanksgiving break.”

With so many tasks that were needed to be completed, many of the members were given roles that would impact the donation process.

“The tasks given to us were overall nice and fun as we got to do things like help set up the fundraiser and set the budget and more. As for me I went to take pictures and pick the toys which was nice and fun.” says Stephanie Guerrero Zuniga (’25).

Now the best way to understand Finance Club’s donation is to understand who they are and what they do.

Finance club focuses on subjects that concern business and money. Math teacher, Mark Hua and supervisor of Finance club says “On Tuesdays we focus on how to run a business and entrepreneurship and getting into those aspects and on Wednesday we talk money related, stock market, credit card/score, budgeting, and more.”

Before The Finance Club planned their donation to Toys for Tots, they had previously raised enough money however they had no use for it at the time. But before they donated to Toys for Tots, the Finance club was having a money issue as they were gaining money and not having any use for it.

Mr. Hua says, “We keep making money and have no use for that money, and because we didn’t have any purpose for the money we thought about how we could give back so we decided to give to the charity Toys for Tots.”

As this fundraiser for Finance Club is over it doesn’t mean that there won’t be future similar fundraisers that Finance club does.

“As we have finished our Toys for Tots donation we hope to hold more events for other charities throughout the year as well as continue to hold the Toys for Tots donation as an annual fundraiser each passing year,” Dillon Huynh (24’) says.