Implication of Christmas Decorations in the Front Office

Christian Platas-Sanchez, Editorial Writer

The office is decorated with Christmas decorations, courtesy of the administration. Along with decor there is a Christmas tree containing class of 2023 school pictures to celebrate the holiday on the campus. This holiday cheer has become an issue on the Preuss campus due to students feeling uncomfortable by having their face on a tree and the decorations because of their religious beliefs and backgrounds.

This school is made of various minorities, as a result this interferes with beliefs and various holidays, which is why some students are feeling uncomfortable with having their face on it and not feeling the proper celebration that there should be.

“It can be counted as a sin to have your face on a Christmas tree if you aren’t from that religion,” said Sabrina Haji (‘25).

As a school filled with students who are from all sorts of ethnic minorities, it’s key to represent every holiday instead of just Christmas, just as the office is currently doing. Not all students are Christians, so administration needs to take into account the various backgrounds and religions associated within the school and needs to be aware of how insensitive it is to have Christmas decorations up in the office.

“I feel like I don’t really have a say in this because I’m not on the Christmas tree, but I do know it goes against some of the students’ religion,” comments high school ASB coordinator and history teacher, Mr. Timothy Carr.

Decorating the office with Christmas decor is insensitive and if they would love to decorate each year they should put in the effort to decorate for all holidays and celebrations. Decorating for this particular event in a school full of various religions is a way of making students feel left out by having their holidays not be celebrated in the same way. Christmas is not inclusive with all students on campus.

“Personally I don’t favor the idea of having my face on a Christmas tree just because I’m not Christian and it interferes with my faith. I feel like having someone’s face on a Christmas tree who doesn’t believe in Christmas is a little offensive to some students. You aren’t celebrating everyone,” said Haji (‘25).

If the office wanted to include the Seniors in their decorating they could’ve put their faces on snowflakes and hang them up in the office. This is a less offensive thought than having their face on a Christmas Tree. The decorations are hurtful and exclusive to other students who celebrate various religions. Even if they won’t decorate for all holidays it would be better to not acknowledge it at all and stay neutral with it.