Students React to Mexico’s Elimination from the World Cup

Christian Montalvo-Yañez, School News Writer

The FIFA World Cup 2022 is being held in the middle eastern nation of Qatar. On November 30th, 2022, Mexico was eliminated from the FIFA World Cup. Although Mexico had won against Saudi Arabia with a score of 1-2, a goal differential would not allow them to move forward in the FIFA 2022 World Cup. This shocked Preuss students who were watching the game, thus leading to mixed opinions.

Catherine Ortiz, who is on the Varsity Girls Soccer team, has a passion for soccer and also for the Mexican team.

“I really felt like the [Mexican soccer team] had that, so I was kind of mad,” states Catherine Ortiz (‘23).

As a Mexican American, Catherin Ortiz has a lot of pride when it comes to her Mexican culture.

“Being Hispanic…I would have that pride of saying Mexico won,” claims Catharine Ortiz (‘23).

Similarly, Angel Bautista (‘25) found the elimination hard to take in due to his support for the team and the connection he made with some of the team’s players.

“I have met some of the players on the Mexican soccer team,” states Angel Bautista (‘25).

Due to having such a passion for the Mexican soccer team, Angel knows the players and their skills when compared to other teammates on the Mexican soccer team.

“I think some players that didn’t get called up for the FIFA World Cup would have helped the Mexican soccer team win,” argues Angel Bautista (‘25).

Students’ thoughts and opinions over the elimination of Mexico spread throughout the Preuss campus, this led to further opinions.

“Once I saw other students burst into disbelief, I started to feel the same even though I don’t like soccer,” claimed Salem Salas (‘23).

In contrast to the anger and shame some students had felt over the elimination of Mexico, others had a different opinion.

“Mexico being eliminated gave Argentina a better chance at winning the World Cup,” argues Marie Joe Franci (‘23).

Angel’s opinions regarding Mexico’s approach to the World Cup would also be shared with even the fans of opposing teams.

“I’m not a big fan of the [Mexican soccer team’s] playing technique,” states Marie Joe Franci (‘23).

Ultimately Mexico’s elimination from the FIFA World Cup 2022 has now caused division amongst students over who to support now, Argentina or France.