Senior Wheel Rotates Once More

Christian Montalvo-Yañez, School News Writer

At the start of the school year, the Class of 2023 at the Preuss School UC San Diego were assigned to their Senior Wheel course. However as of November 8th, 2022 Seniors at Preuss would have switched to their next wheel course.

In her first-trimester section, Research, Salem Salas (‘23) had to write a research paper. However, now Salas has rotated to Service Learning, where she now tutors for Mr. Meka’s Spanish I class.

“Service Learning is so much easier when I compare it to what I had to do within Research,” states Salem Salas (‘23).

In addition, Salas notices the work difference between Research and Service Learning. Salas would have to work on research during and after school. Now, Salas has to tutor students during 3rd block, which, to her, makes it easier focusing on other classes.

“I like tutoring students since I can help them with problems I struggled with,” adds Salas (‘23).

Sonia Romero (‘23) had tutored Mr. Arias Integrated Math II class. Now, due to the wheel change, Romero will transition from Service Learning into Internship where she will attend an internship taking care of children at the Early Childhood Education Center.

“It was a different switch since I went from tutoring to taking care of kids,” claims Romero (‘23).

Similarly, Romero’s transition would also be more challenging. Instead of just helping and teaching students, she would now have to ensure they are safe and well.

“It’s my responsibility that these children don’t get hurt so that’s new to me,” says Romero (‘23).